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Ha! I don't know who Karl is. I'm still waiting for season 14 of Supernatural to come out on DVD. I don't have cable/wi fi at home so I watch everything on DVD months after everyone else has seen the shows.

I'm also waiting for the second season of Orville and Star Trek Discovery. I'm re-watching Star Trek TNG now as a placeholder until the new stuff comes out.

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So I have to ask, who is your favorite character on Supernatural?  Who do you most identify with? 

I'm a Castiel gurl, obvs; but I really identify a lot with Dean. 

Karl Urban has been...

Eomer in LOTR....  Detective Kennex in Almost Human...

and, LOL, Cupid in the Hercules series Kevin Sorbo used to star in and the Xena series Lucy Lawless starred in....


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