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Mornings Are Monday...

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Mornings suck. 

I should be heading into work right now, but fuck it.  Mornings are Monday.... a few hours of Monday hell every morning.  Though I have to admit it has gotten somewhat better since I started taking the anti-anxiety meds.  My depression has gotten pretty bad - I have many more days staring into the face of death and wondering why I'm playing hard to get...  I can say that here, because you guys understand it on a visceral level, you know? I literally got up this morning so I could play some stupid app on my phone.  And be here, blogging and taking care of reports. Work has not been a valid reason to get out of bed for ages now.  I've been cramping pretty bad this mornign, but do you think idiot me called in?  Naahh, it's only my guts twisting in knots, I'll get used to it. 

speaking of twisting into knots, time to go to  the dungeon  work.



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