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Lifting myself up

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Got this online and want to put it somewhere:

Think of the amazing things in your life. Think of your family / caring friends / or anything else you value. Be grateful. 

Think about what has upset you. Know that it could have been much worse. Visualise the worst case scenario and allow yourself to feel better. This is not that bad.

Imagine this difficult situation happening to someone you love. If your best friend is going through the same thing, what advice would you give them? How would you make them feel better? Now apply that advice on yourself.

Imagine yourself three years from now. Will this matter in three years? Will you remember what made you upset? Emotions may seem to fill your being in the moment, but they are fleeting and may soon fade into the distance. Visualise your pain or anger becoming smaller and fading over time until it disappears.

Take time to be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to feel gratitude because you can learn from this experience. You have done your best in each moment. You do not need to blame yourself or feel at fault.

Think about the cause of this feeling. Does this define you? Think about the infinite experiences and feelings that make you who you are. This one issue has no lasting effect. You are strong and this feeling is small; don’t allow it to have power over you. Compartmentalise this feeling and keep it separate from your sense of self.

Move on! 

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