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Positive Changes At Work!

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WOW. So, now I am in charge of social media marketing strategy for three clients! A BIG CHANGE!!!!!! I am very flattered I was given this responsibility! I will still carry my other digital marketing role, but it will now be split between the two.

All I had to do was present to my team a few concrete ideas on how it should be done, and voila! I was given the responsibility. I am sure it helps that I have a FB page for business and am very successful with it.

But I am VERY happy that I am expanding my role and my skill set, and I am most thrilled to be moving away from a field that I've begun to question and not enjoy. 

Now all I need to do is succeed with flying colors, expand our clientele who want social media services, and then ask for a big fat raise! LOL. IF all of that happens, then there is no need for me to leave my company. I am still on the lookout though and will be open to other higher paying roles. 

But I am happy! All is good. 



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