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Today’s gratitude

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Thank you for waking up to see another day. Thank you for my abled eyes to see. Thank you for my limbs I can use without difficulties. Thank you for letting me be able to breathe. Thank you for money in my bank account. Thank you for the roof over my head. Thank you for my ears I can hear with. Thank you for food in my fridge. Thank you for my car that I can use to drive to places. Thank you for the practice of gratitude. Thank you for moments of positive feelings as I’m feeling at the moment. Thank you for my ability continue on. Thank you for my ability to adjust and be creative. Thank you for my will to go on and tough it through even when shit seems so rough at times. Thank you for this platform to express. 


Usuallt i I do this in my head or on a notebook. But today I decided to do it here because I’m going through a rough time at the moment because of possible side effect from the med that I’ve been on. 

It made me feel a little better at least at the moment. 

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