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7(ish) Days to go

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It's not that ominous do not worry.

The fight is in a weeks time. I've been really pushing myself in training lately and have decided that preparation this week will be hydration, healthy eating and lots of rest. I have space in my weight band (might have to down some water to make up the last little bit of weight) so I dont NEED to train. On the other hand at the moment I dont want to train either. So that works out nicely. 

I've not been online all that much, for a couple of reasons. Firstly and most importantly I've worn myself out. Too much, too hard, too long. I'm pleased I stuck to my targets but I think that I might need someone to tell me "dont overdo it".

Secondly, since I applied for a job in the USA all my internet history at work is subject to review and the information can(will) be used against me if it contradicts the company in anyway. So yeah. Not at work.

Also, it's been a pain in the arse for so long now. I've finally sorted out a robust filtration system to my tanks. So I've done four out of six like this so far. So only a single shelf to go. Need to wait till payday (tomorrow 😅) to get some more plumbing from the hardware store.


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