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Exasperated by People



I am feeling exasperated by people.

The one woman from my other forum who insulted my blog? She wanted me to function as an inspiration for her.... she read my blog and assumed that I could be some sort of life coach for her. I'm not in a place to take that on right now. I have too much to focus on in my own life. So when I told her I couldn't be her life coach, she then told me that in my blog I come across as a pseudo life coach and insinuated that my blog content is very generic. Well, my blog happened to be awarded as one of the top 75 happiness blogs, and I certainly do not claim to be any kind of life coach. I was very insulted by her comments. I put my heart and soul into each of my articles. 

She had even told me before this that she was envious of my accomplishments and career path. 

WHY do miserable people want to take down happy people?? I know she's really unhappy. I just don't get it. I run into this ALL the time. Unhappy people want to tear down happier people. Unsuccessful people want to tear down those they envy who ARE successful. Why not LEARN from those who are happier and more successful? Why not honor and model yourself after them instead? Why try to tear them down? 

My current boss tried to do that to me as well. He wanted to take credit for my hard work with a client. I wouldn't let him. 

I also see on my other forum SO many stories of toxic work environments where injustice prevails. Where inept bosses promote those who are slackers and overlook those who are hard workers. Where others who slack get away with it, and those who work hard, have to pick up their slack. It sickens me. I hear SO many stories of abusive bosses. I personally have had many of them. 

But with my current boss, I made it clear I will not allow him to take credit for my work. I stood up for myself. 

It's a dog-eat-dog world..... unfortunately, it's one where we constantly need to protect ourselves from harm's way, including harmful & toxic people who exist everywhere you go: work, interpersonal relationships, family, and the Internet. There's no shortage of toxic people. 

The older I get the more I realize that I want to insulate myself. I suppose that's what growing up means: seeing the world as it truly is. 


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