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Bad Therapists



I am appalled by how many BAD therapists there are out there. I have been in and out of therapy my whole life and since I was 17. And in all my years of therapy, I have only met ONE good therapist, and that's when I was 17! Maybe there was another along the way who was OK, but the point is, I've met far too many bad therapists who have not helped me very much. 

My current one shamed me the other night. As a direct result, I've decided to therapist-shop. It made me wonder how truly helpful she's been over the last two years. This is not the first judgmental and shaming comment she's made. 

I am also frustrated with the limitations of the healthcare system when trying to find a good therapist. I want an energy worker/energy healer type of therapist right now. I want an earthy crunchy type, and perhaps a Shaman. But does my insurance pay for that? Probably not. And can I see them after work hours? Probably not. So I am limited to the host of bad therapists available within my insurance network who are nearby to where I live, in addition to an even more limiting pool of those who can see me at 7:30 at night. 

I am super annoyed. 


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