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27 Minutes

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We’ll draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.


The days are dark. Great. It’s something push against. You don’t do anything great when you’re comfortable, you need a driving force, something that needs to be changed.


This time I do it cleaner than I did before. There’s no caving to substances, they’re a short term fix at best. And I’d rather feel the hurt, raw like this.


I won’t rob myself of that.


Give me reward for my work. Give me hardship. Doesn’t matter, either way my path is the same. My actions are the same.


Bring the world down on me. Won’t change a thing.


Let everyone else think what they will. Let my mind warp that, however it will.

What am I. What do I know that I am.

Let’s focus on that.

Let’s build on that.


Bring the world, and all of its challenges.

I am waiting, and I am ready.

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