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Pressed for Time...

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I think I've been stressed - I haven't blogged, I haven't read (in weeks 😥), I haven't written a single word in my fanfictions (in weeks 😥).  I can't seem to focus on anything. Maybe I need to get back to binge watching Almost Human to get myself out of this funk.  I've been watching Person Of Interest on Netflix.  I really love the characters.  I'm not talented like they are, but I still enjoy watching.  It manages to hold my interest, and that's a valuable commodity when stress takes my ability to focus. It's an odd feeling for someone who's used to being hyper focused (to the exclusion of my environment) or obsessive about things.  And that's about as long as I can focus on this. 

PS I about cried when C--- died.  Cried right along with R---.  (trying to avoid spoilers).

person-of-interest-creators-preview-an-exciting-ex_sfxg.640-640x360.jpg.6afdb24b5af372c740ccc1f951636915.jpg  POI_Season_3.thumb.jpg.80e0a35393e65cfffd138fbef1444bcd.jpg



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