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Before it's too late...

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I found out this morning that a friend dropped dead from a heart attack. Suddenly and without warning. I have another friend who seems to be losing his battle with cancer. He's a big strapping guy with the strength of ten men. But his battle is almost over, I fear.

I'm turning 60 later this year. I've worked at the same place for almost 31 years and my heart is no longer in it. I went through an ugly divorce and then more recently lost my girlfriend.

Is it too selfish to want to retire before "it's too late"? I've known several colleagues who have retired and then croaked not too long afterwards.

I can't afford to retire of course. But I never will be able to. Like many people in the US, I am hanging on by fingernails because of healthcare. I'm chained to my job as a result.

I suffer from a genetic condition that is slowly eating my lungs and also causing tumors in my remaining kidney (the other was removed back in 2008 because of a massive tumor). Why do I keep putting myself through the stress and anxiety of work?

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Sorry to hear about your friend's passing and your other friend's cancer 😢

Is retirement simply not an option for you JD? 

@LonelyHiker My ex spent us into the deepest black hole possible. We got divorced almost 5 years ago. She gets 40% of my salary now (and for another 5 years) and will also get 50% of my retirement. The latter is a state law.

I could retire but I'd be chronically destitute.

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