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Operation Betta Rescue - Summer Shut Down

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Well then, it has been a really tough 6 months. Running a rescue out of a flat after moving house was exhausting. 

The plumbing drove me insane, literally had to try and fix a blockage or leak every other day, 

So attached is a shot of my now empty rack (2019.04.25). I do have some plans for some of these tanks....thinking about it actually I should have one fish left in the blacked out tank in the top. 

That is my last "rescue" not really a rescue as the fish was in really good health, essentially someone that I know received a Betta Fish as a Wedding Favour. I'm keeping him for the time being, might breed from him now i have space....

I do want more Saltwater Tanks and have nearly enough money to set up my own RODI and Saltwater Mixing Station which will stop me spending money on water in LFS. Blerrgh

I also want to try and filter the old water myself, thinking about a reed bed based Biological Filtration system which would turn it brackish.... so

Top Shelf - Fresh Water Fish. I love the Planted Look of FW Tanks, slow growing plants so that I don't need to trim regular

Mid Shelf - Brackish Fish. Puffer Fish and the Like, African Butterfly fish?

Bottom Shelf - Saltwater Reefs, Really want to try a Seahorse Tank

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