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No matter what I say, no one will ever understand me.

No matter how convincing I try to be, no one will ever believe me.

My cries are falling upon deaf ears.

They carry on with their planning and gossip as if nothing has ever happened. 

I feel as though I am living with terminal cancer, and everyone is treating me like I'm suffering with the flu. 

- A temporary pain in the arse, but will pass eventually 


I really thought I wasn't going to come back this time.

Even now I'm not sure.

And yet with all of this inner turmoil that I carry , I still am constantly surrounded by meaninglessness. 

If it weren't for you guys on df, posting about depression in the  gravity that I feel myself, I would have most definitely gone insane by now. 

I don't want more attention.

I don't want self-pity

I just want a change. Any change.

Depression turned my life upside down.

But it didn't do the same for the people around me.

And now, we are on completely different wavelengths.


And I'm left here, in a world far from everyone, all on my own.


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Well! You aren't far away from many of us who feel very much as you do. If I had any creativity, I could have written a similar poem. I've tried to explain depression to my daughter and she simply doesn't get it. I see that as a good thing because that means she isn't familiar with the feeling from it.

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@JD4010 Thanks to you guys, I know I'm not going crazy. I can't stress enough to my family how much it has changed my life. But I guess people on the outside will never understand how you can go from wanting to die every day, to caring about your life and actually being scared of death. But as you've said, I'm also kind of grateful they've never experienced this kind of pain before. 

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