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Yeah im a piece. A big piece too.

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Its funny. Some wonder why i feel like i do. They wonder why i treat myself poorly. Hate myself. See myself as worthless.

That old belief or saying...whatever it is (i am too stupid to know)...if you hear the insults enough...if your treated a certain way enough...etc...you will either believe it is true or act as if it is. Act the way they say you are.

Because it must be true.

So treat me like i'm crap. Go ahead. Thats what i am after all, right? Otherwise you wouldnt treat me that way right? And neither would they.

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Natasha your self worth comes from within. It’s not something to be determined by other people - who gave them the right to. I can guarantee just by you’re statement alone you are far better than most people I know. The fact that you think that you’re crap shows that you want to be good. And some people out there honestly couldn’t care less about being ‘good’ or are completely unaware of their flaws.

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