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Liquid Haloperidol

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T on C


Evidently there was a "shortage" of the pill form of Haloperidol for the last two months. The three local pharmacies basically told me I was out of luck on refills. I have taken the 2 mg dosage for a few years now for maintenance as it helps the manias of BP1 that have risen through the years.

So I bugged my MD (I cant afford a Pdoc anymore) about what I should turn to, or not turn to. Finally got a response and a Rx for liquid Haloperidol, dosage 2 ml or more as needed. Now first, I've never taken a liquid med besides cough syrup, so this was a new one. How fast will it absorb into my neuros? Whats the cost involved? Taste? Can I rip that childproof turney thing off of the dropper?

To answer-the liquid is quite a bit faster in helping my mood swings which vary from wanting to hide in my bedroom, to full out rage. So that's a positive. Within 15 minutes I'm becoming more focused. Unless I think about thinking too much which in that case I go for another pipette. 

And if that becomes a moot point then I focus out of reality and debate the voices. I always win. Well, we win.

Cost is another plus. A 15 mL bottle runs under $6 for a 15 day supply. 

Tastes like a warm gym sock stuffed into the back of the mouth for a second...metallic akin to blood in my mouth afterwards. Metallic 30 minutes later.

Yes, the childproof thing can be defeated, but be responsible. If one has children then take caution. 

Take care everyone, follow your path and learn.


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