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Getting to Know You (Anxiety)...

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Like the song goes - 'getting to know you / getting to know all about you'.  How can I live with something for basically all my life and not know it for most of it?  I've always thought I was a fairly self-aware type of person.  When I look back, I realize much of my behavior was rooted in anxiety.  I really haven't been able to do anything with my life - I've managed to mess up the most important things, my kids.  I didn't teach my youngest what she needs to know, and as a result she struggles with anxiety and insecurity.  On the other hand, I am someone she feels like she can talk to when she needs to - she can tell me pretty much anything and I won't freak out.  I guess I'm feeling pretty rootless and aimless and purposeless.

This morning I'm apparently pretty emotional.  Didn't realize it until I had a disagreement with someone (not here) and got really more POd than was warranted, then nearly ran into another car in an intersection. And I still have to go to work.  I need to get this under control and remind myself to keep it in perspective. I'm assuming it's nerves - my youngest is a senior this year.  Prom is tomorrow, and graduation is next month.  (if you're not from the US, prom is a formal dance for the kids in grades 11-12). 

I really need to get myself together...

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