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Week of Monday, April 8th

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I've missed quite a bit the last couple weeks - either being sick, or walking so much last Saturday that my hips just ached for a day or so. 

Monday, April 8th- 1.56 miles, 30 mins - on the way home after work @530, it was nearly 90F, so I was actually in the beginning stages of heat exhaustion when I got home.  Weenie me, I know.

Tuesday, April 9th- yay for the gym - 60  mins, 3.1 miles on the treadmill.  30 mins with heartrate at 145-148; 20 mins with heartrate at 133-140; 10 mins with heartrate under 130.

Wednesday, April 10th- Hubby needed time at the shooting range, so between going with him to do that and being a taxi, I missed my walk.  Worth it to see hubby enjoy himself, though.

Thursday, April 11th- treadmill 35 mins; 30 mins @3mph; 5 mins @2mph.  Avg Heartrate 136; Max Heartrate 150 - note: my mind wanders to bad places much less on the treadmill. go figure.

Friday, April 12th- 35 mins, 1.77 miles, treadmill @3.5mph; min HR 136 max HR 146

Saturday, April 13th- missed - hey, it was prom day

Sunday, April 14th- recovering from prom day, lost my motivation there


bird-diet-fail-meme.jpg.5c84c7e2cb79902701b0421226ac2d7d.jpg                    HILLS-HAVE-EYES-SNIPER.jpg.cd8c9d20a7e25ca3c386761042588831.jpg


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