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Big Changes At Work



It's only April and I'm already looking forward to our "summer Fridays" schedule at work. We get a 1/2 day every Friday all through the summer -- a MAJOR perk to my job. 

My boss is now taking a very difficult & demanding client off my plate in two weeks, so finally I have an end date. He could tell I was getting agitated over it because I've been overloaded with too many clients lately. 

We also now have two new senior people on my team, so I am no longer the solo senior team member. One of them is seemingly arrogant, which I cannot stand. Arrogance does not lend well to my field since you're constantly needing to learn new strategies and tactics.... ego must take a back seat with what we do, so we'll see how he does, lol.

And I don't know why, but on his fourth day, he was already training our newest more junior member and I got annoyed by it. I can hear everything since we all sit very closely together, and it seemed like he more so wanted to just show off his knowledge than anything. The other one seems fine and not arrogant.

And now, I am the only female in a group of four men. We have two females on our team, but they have different roles than myself and the four guys. So how do I feel about that? I've been totally fine so far with the two men I've worked with, but now I am way outnumbered. And we have a male boss to boot. Thank God for the two females on my team, at least.

I guess I feel slightly intimidated since all four men have technical skills and knowledge that I don't necessarily have. But somehow, I AM a senior and have succeeded in all my jobs without that technical knowledge. Anything I didn't know, I just went to the expert online forums and asked. 

I had told the CEO once that I thought it was interesting that I managed to get by all these years without the use of paid tools and without applying many technical tactics to get website pages to rank and bring in traffic. I DO have technical knowledge and skills, just not extensive like these guys. What I DO have is great copywriting skills, great keyword targeting and keyword research skills, and I get pages to rank high, and to bring in quality traffic, leads and sales, which really, is the essence of what we do. 

So this will be interesting. I feel humbled and am willing to learn from these guys, and maybe they can also learn something from me. We are a team after all, and that's how it's supposed to work. 

But having them come onto the team this week kind of threw me off my game. But maybe this will be good for me? Maybe I can grow and learn more. Maybe this is exactly what I need -- to be surrounded by other experts in my field, which is what I was missing for several years. I used to complain about having to work all by myself and about having to figure out complex technical website issues by myself. And now I don't have to. Maybe I'll ask the two new guys to teach me the technical side of things. LOL. 

I am going to adopt my most positive attitude about it. Being humbled is a good thing. Learning and expanding my knowledge and skill set is a good thing. I have very little ego when it comes to my work, as I've written before. If anything, I am the opposite. But I am much more confident in what I do lately since I've made some great headway with my clients and I am seeing huge successes and wins. 

So, on that note, I will close! It's Sat, so it's time to turn away from work-related stuff, chill and enjoy the weekend! And most importantly, above and beyond any work crap, I am getting married soon and will be on vacation very soon!!!! YAY!!!! The countdown has begun!!!!!! 


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