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I’m still feeling down. I hate how blessed I am but I don’t know how to be grateful and appreciate them. Why do I always fear being judged. Why do other people’s opinions matter so much. I should not be measuring my worth according to other people’s words and thinking. I Am a worthy person. I have done many things that make me be able to overcome so much.

Sigh. So my counsellor gave me an exercise to write down what is one of my negative core beliefs of myself. And below that, write down 3 pieces of evidence contrary to my negative core belief. 

Just Doing the exercise here to help me feel better. I’m not a kind person, I’m a terrible person who hate everyone cos everyone only thinks of themselves and everyone thinks I’m worthless and everyone is always judging me cos no one understands how I feel, no one understands what I’m going through, I’m a terrible person who hate everyone even though they want to help me. 

But that’s not right, cos I’m also a kind person cos I’m kind to my mum when I took leave from work to see my mum off at the airport, I’m kind when I waited for my colleague to pack her things after work just to walk with her for ten minutes to the train station, I’m kind cos when I promise someone something, I’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill that promise, I’m kind cos I hug my cat when I reach home cos she is lonely alone at home the whole day. 

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