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Feeling A Little Less Like Death...

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[This entry was meant to be posted last night, but silly me got tired and went to bed instead of being stubborn and staying on the computer.  So don't be too impressed by two blog entries in one day.] 


I must be getting over this Crud, because I feel more normal today... whatever normal is, LOL.  I don't feel like I'm dying, anyway.  I'm thinking I can get back to my walking routine tomorrow.  I'd love to tonight, but I think that would be pushing it, considering I have to work tomorrow. Trying not to overdo it, which is rather uncharacteristic for me. 

OverdoingStairmasterMeme.jpg.ea56113015b0bfaf3000095c54c15935.jpg                 PuzzleDoorLockMeme.thumb.jpg.dae7e01581c39a18e154132278ec8061.jpg

I was thinking I would watch a Karl Urban something-or-other, but I can't make up my mind.  I've watched all of Almost Human three times in the last several months.  Hubby deserves an award for not shooting the TV set up or burning my DVDs of it.  I've seen Doom at least four times.  I've watched the new Star Trek movies again...

Speaking of which, hubby tells me that Quinto and Pine probably won't be corralled into doing another Star Trek movie.  I have to confess I'm a little more devastated by that than I should be.  I was crushed when Nimoy died... Spock is my hero, and it took me years to get used to someone besides Nimoy being Spock.  So now I might have to get used to someone else?  I don't think I can take that. It's bad enough Nimoy couldn't literally live forever... It was hard to adjust to Quinto being Spock, but I made the transition, and now what?  Spock has always been a figure I looked up to, and really identified with in many ways growing up.  Anyway, gotta run now.

SpockTrial-ErrorMcCoy.thumb.jpg.d096608e30e863e2ec585660a5a1ab85.jpg QuintoSpockKirkUhura.jpg.17c89beb91e50b0e55c410af64976868.jpg



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