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The man without qualities

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This is how I think of myself. This is what I have been preaching all this time on df.

Robert Musil, the author of "The man without qualities" was writing about a certain end of an era. A group of old-school Viennese members of the aristocracy planning an event for Franz-Josef, at the brink of WW1(apparently they are unaware of the possibility, let alone aware of the end of the Austro-Hungarian empire) . As we all know, that war was the beginning of the change the way Europe thought of itself and eventually was forced to define itself. . It was the beginning of the end of Europe being a power in any sense. You wouldn't believe it looking at the way UK is going with brexit, though. Haha. But I digress.

The protagonist, Ulrich, is a bit of a jack of all trades, an intellectual and a cynical misfit. Yeah. Me to the letter(except in my case a pseudo-intellectual but I digress again).

I do look at life from the outside though. It's as if I am recording life, not living it. Life as surveillence, not life as lived. I live on the outskirts in just about every sense. I am sceptic and cynical about all the lofty ideas of saving the planet and about the people endevouring to make a difference. I am sceptic above all unto myself.

I am re-reading it after 15 years. It is a bit of a bore, but at the same time it's also fascinating.  And I can't help but think aren't we "there" again.

Are we complacent in our middle class notions of normalty? We don't "have" to take responsibility of anything anymore. We sort of think stuff will sort itself out. I suppose to an extent it does. But now, we are really capable of destroying ourselves and everything else on this planet. We are on that road now. 

Don't we owe to to ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves and then make a difference in standing for the values we adhere to? Don't we owe it to ourselves to strive to make the world a bit better while we are here?

Mmm..problem there, at least in my case. I haven't a effing clue as to what my values are. Oh, what is your passion? What do you enjoy doing? WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE. Therein lies your PASSION.

Passion? You must be talking of someone else. Haha. And then there is the fact that I BELIEVE (in) NOTHING. I am sceptic about scepticism too. I second guess everything. 

Hey! You are talking to the Man without Qualities! What were you excpecting??



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Very interesting. 

Humans are capable of being worse than the devils that destroy ourselves, and also capable to transcend above being angels that volunteer and go out there to give food and shelter to the poor, hungry and homeless. 

I think we just owe to to ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves, and to strive to make our individual selves a bit better. If we can’t improve ourselves to help the individual people around us, then don’t look to make the world a better place.

How can I do anything for the community, let alone the whole world, when I myself am falling apart almost every day. I got no passion, I’m just living my life day to day and just hoping tomorrow would be better than today. 

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