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Not Feeling Well...

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I've been sick since Saturday.  Just The Crud, nothing special.  It kept me out of work yesterday, and I should probably stay home today too. But it's my turn to work late and I feel obligated to drag myself there.  Why?  I have no idea.  Why am I killing myself for a place that doesn't appreciate it?  I used to believe in what I did; now, I'm just marking time.  Afraid to reach out for another job, because there's no safety net.  No savings, no credit card, no family close by to pick up the slack.  Just grown kids who still depend on me for help I can't give.  I'm taking an extra long lunch, though. 

Here are some random Castiel pics, because, well, Castiel. That is all. 😜

supernatural-images-castiel-wallpaper-and-background-photos-40269980.jpg.33ec00cac046e47b2271c0d3a4e2171d.jpg            supernatural-wallpaper-series-castiel-wallpapers-angels.thumb.jpg.d26b208f12edfd2f6d896f0caf549be9.jpg

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All I can say is I have been there(minus the kids). I sincerely hope you get the chance to chill, take stock and move towards a life that is truly YOU.

I wish there was a simple way out(for me it took a panic attack-induced pseudo-heart attack).

Thing is..s hit like that has a tendency to build up. I worked in a place that went south in just about every respect. I ended up burnt out and  a chronic insomniac. It took me two years to get back on my feet again.

Please, if it  is any way possible, get out of that job. You deserve it to yourself and your kids to be the (even more awesome) person you are suppose to be. 

Btw. Kudos for the the extra long lunch. More of those is a good beginning!


All the best,



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