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Week of Monday, April 1st

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I've been sick since Saturday, so I've missed several days already. I had to take off work yesterday from feeling like crap.  It's just a bad cold, but I've had a low grade fever, mondo aches & chills, and the sinus drainage is making me queasy.  Too much fun for me.  It's back to the grindstone, even though I dont feel much better. Doubt I will make my workout or walk today either.

Monday, April 1- missed walking or workout due to being sick; also missed work

Tuesday, April 2- still sick but have to go to work; missed walk or workout, took extended lunch

Wednesday, April 3- missed due to being sick, but today was the first day I felt much better, and not like death warmed over. Should be able to walk tomorrow

Thursday, April 4- 1.7 miles in 30 mins

Friday, April 5- .17 miles in 5 mins and 1.4 miles in 25 mins

Saturday, April 6- acres and acres - about 6,300 steps at an enormous gun show

Sunday, April 7- my hips just weren't up to it...

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