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Doing okay

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Hi everybody and thank you for reading! 


I am doing pretty okay. It almost feels scary to say those words out loud. Like if I say such a thing, something bad will happen. But I will say it again just to defy the Universe: I am doing good. 

My mood is stable and everything feels easier without anxiety and psychotic symptoms. Spring and summer is usually hard for me but now it feels different. I've got lot of energy but it's good energy. I don't have any hypomanic symptoms which is a relief. So it's safe to say hypomania is all gone for now. 

A new thing is that I was diagnosed with thyroid insufficiency caused by Lithium. I've started a medication and I hope it will help me with my weight issue. It's actually more likely that the weight gain is caused by thyroid insufficiency rather than antipsychotics. So fingers crossed everybody. 

I've been able to keep healthy eating routine at home. I also try to execise 3-5 times a week. I am pretty motivated. I haven't gained any results yet in weight loss but my metabolism is not working like it should so there is not much I can do but keep eating healthy and exercising to avoid more gaining.

I've still got four months of sick leave left. Even though I have so much positive energy I can't even imagine going back to work now. My brain has gone through unbelievable amount of stress during last two years. I want to work again some day but now it's not the time for that. My brain needs to heal properly. Sometimes I am afraid I will become ill again before my sick leave ends. My life has been such a roller coaster ride that it's hard to believe things could get better for me and I could some day have control over my life and not the illness controlling my life. 

I think right words for this situation would be "one day at a time". With those words on my mind I will lead my life one day at a time. 


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