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Self-pity (an Inhibitor)

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Life is unfair. 

If you look at life from the perspective of good and bad.

Some people are more fortunate, others are less fortunate.

Shouldn't it be equal ?

Why should one person have it easy whilst someone else has to struggle with sh*t throughout life. 


That's the perspective that I used to have.

I would view myself as being less fortunate than others -

why did i fail my exams when I tried so hard and sacrificed so much ?

Why do I have a knee injury which is stopping me from going out, exercising and surfing ?

Why have all my friends moved away and i'm left here on my own ?

Why do I have to re-apply to uni after getting so close to being accepted and working hard towards it my whole life ?

Why am I depressed ?

and on and on. -

In short, I was feeling self- pity

That feeling was feeding into my depression, 

until I was told to by a very wise man to change my perspective.

The truth is there is an underlying good, in every bad.

-> failing my exams taught me the importance of having a good work-life balance, taking care of my mental health and above all - the importance of sleep !

-> My knee operation taught me the importance of physical health, it taught me to stop hating my body for the way it looked and start loving it for healing me, and helping me get back to normal

-> My friends moving away helped me realise how much I needed them, how grateful I was to have them around. Since then I've put more effort into maintaining relationships and have opened up more instead of pushing them away when I'm depressed

-> Having to re-do the final year of A levels has given me the chance to mature as a person and has further instilled the passion and determination in me to be a vet.

-> Being depressed has helped me appreciate life 100x more when i'm not depressed. It's made me GRATEFUL, its made me STRONG, its made me more CARING. 

So, when life seems unfair. 

When the universe is testing you,

Try to take on a new perspective:

The universe is giving you a chance to grow, to become stronger, and to learn a lesson from every situation.




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