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Good Times....

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I'm edging into the good time of the month now.  The time when I feel fairly confident and capable.  There still seems to be a disconnect between what I want to do and what I actually do. I've been looking up something called Executive Function Disorder, but I don't think I quite meet the criteria.  It's hard to say.  

Anyway, because this IS my Karl Urban and Misha Collins blog, and because I need to keep my mind on more positive things, I'll drone on and on about Karl.  Because I can find many different movies and shows with lots of Karl in them.  I really wish Misha would get picked up for something besides Supernatural - I'd love to see him in something else.  (like a nice tux, with funky pants.... hey, these are the jokes, people)

I think I'll re-binge-watch (Is that even a word? It is now)  Almost Human. I really dearly loved that show - Fuck You Fox Network.  And Thank You. But Fuck You Very Much, too.  This meme pretty much sums it up...  To me they are the 'If Its Amazing We Will Only Give It One Season, But If It Sucks It Will Never Die' Network - these are both Fox Network shows, not so coincidentally. 



I love Detective Kennex. I've heard it said that we pick our heroes because they remind us of ourselves in some way.  


He reminds me of myself in that I see myself as grumpy and asocial; hard to know, but if he lets you in, endlessly loyal. I don't think I'm very effective at fighting for those I love, though - in fact, I know I'm not. That's an area I definitely need to improve in.  I struggle just to feel connected to those I love, to communicate with them and spend time with them. I'm so much more comfortable in my own head - is there even a character for that? If I ever find a meme for that, I'll post it here, I promise.

I love my family, they are the most amazing people I know, especially my husband.  But I feel so disconnected from them and from the world around me - some days I almost expect to be disconnected from a 3d holographic projection because my time is up and it's someone else's turn to use it.  Who the hell feels like that?  That's the main reason I connect to Castiel - Jimmy Novak is a body he wears - his true home is an alternate dimension.  Anyway, I'd better get going. One last pic... If you're a Supernatural fan, you'll get it.




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