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Week of Monday, March 18th



Last week was crazy for me.... out of town conference, sitting in classes all day, away from hubby... completely thrown out of my routine. I didn't sleep very much or very well.  Anyway, here's this week. We're undergoing renovations at work right now, so things are up in the air there, too.

Monday, March 18- it was beautiful here, so I took the long way home; 30 minutes, 1.56 miles

Tuesday, March 19- chance of rain after work, so hubby & I went to the gym; 30 mins treadmill (7 mins @ 2.5mph; 23 mins @ 3.6mph)

Wednesday, March 20- pretty much a good day, but I had anger issues after work, so I took myself out for an extra 20 minutes. 49.5 mins & 2.8 miles - great weather so I walked outside

Thursday, March 21- missed because we went into town after work

Friday, March 22- walked extra: 2.4 miles in 45 minutes

Saturday, March 23-extraordinarily drained today; went to see the grandkids - didn't get a 'formal' walk in, but did walk around a lot, including taking little one to the park

Sunday, March 24-

It's nearly the weekend (posting this Thursday)... and it's almost that time of year again...


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