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Fitness Targets

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So I thought that I would put up something that I can work towards.

There is a charity "event" that is coming up in June, all proceeds go towards St Barnabus Hospice (Respite Care Charity). Before My Mother and Grandparents passed, they were all lucky enough to spend some time in one of these Hospice's. Not to put down the NHS or anythign as they do a great job, but once they were moved into this Hospice they received 24 hour a day care and individual care coordinators, religious members if required etc. SO I have signed up to take part. 

It is going to be a MMA Match in a proper Octagon (Cage) and each match will last 5x 3 minute rounds.  I am fairly confident that I can last this distance in regards to my general stamina (my 5k times are back under 20 minutes) however I will not know the skill level of my opponent until the match is drawn on the day. I do know that my opponent is likely to be drawn from a similar skill level as myself and from the same Gym. Therefore the same instructor. 

I aim to set up a donations page at some point in the near future.

As my Instructor teaches everyone that I am likely to fight I want to learn something a little different to his current teaching style, which while I don't mind is not something that I particularly enjoy and I really want to learn something new. Essentially we are all "Parry Fighters" (High guard, looks for Counter Punches, very defensive style). I also happen to know that the other fighters concentrate a lot on power, I have always been more interested in speed and technique. 

So my targets are that I want to learn a couple of new combinations that will help me when fighting against fighters with a highly developed "Parry Game"

These are my personal idea's for in the pocket (Short/Mid Range) "Grapple Zone"

Combination 1. Lead Hook, Rear Knee Strike, Liver Shot 

Combination 2. Jab, Jab, feint right cross, overhand left to body

Combination 3. Axe Kick, Short Hook to Body

As you can see I have a particular affinity to body shots, I do actually have an opponent in mind that I would like to fight. 

He has an extra 2" on my range, An Extra 3-4" in height and at least an additional 20-30lbs in weight. But watching his feet he is quite heavy footed. I plant o see if I can request an opponent. 



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Ok so I have quickly learned something about Combinations 2 & 3.

They leave me open to getting kicked in the face. 

Which obviously is not what I am really wanting to achieve from this.

I still think that I may have something with these, I just need to practise a lot more and work out some sort of guard

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Ok so I am going to be dropping combination 2, or at least looking for a replacement.

I either feint to quick or punch with rear hand far too slow. This leaves a massive gap in my defence that essentially opens me up from hip to face, this is especially worse if i face a south paw. 

Speaking of which, I decided last night that I would ask my personal trainer/intructor to try and teach me to fight Southpaw, think it will give me a different insight into teh match and possibly could look at throwing some Southpaw punches then switching stance back to traditional. Could be fun


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Ok so update time, I cannot fight Southpaw. I have the black eye and loose tooth this morning that will attest to that 

I guess i just have to work harder on my left and not look for an easy fix...

My opponent is also confirmed! So I am fighting someone two classes above me in this charity match

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Still cant fight switch or southpaw. But now got some power behind my left hand, will just have to fight on the edges.

Also have chosen my entrance music lmao. Really looking forwards to this. 5th June @ 21.00. 

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