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I Feel Healthy and Strong



Life is pretty amazing. I've been through SO much in my life -- so many trials, so many challenges, and so many setbacks... a mental breakdown resulting in two hospitalizations five years ago.. several bouts of depression, months of suicidal ideation, severe anxiety, PTSD, many abusive relationships... you name it, I've been through it. 

And today? I feel stronger and healthier than ever. I am celebrating. I've come a VERY long way. 

On the work front, I am succeeding and am kicking butt now. It's an amazing feeling. Finally I get the chance to shine! My last boss held me back from true success. She was a nasty  bully who was intimidated by my abilities, so she put me down and tried to squash me. 

But I take no crap. I don't let anyone push me around. I stand up for myself and push back. I finally figured out how to politely say "F" you. LOL. 

A new client was a total a-hole the other day, questioning my work. So I stood up for myself, talked my game, pushed back and basically gave the "F" off signal, but very professionally & diplomatically. I am very proud of myself for that, lol. He didn't reply -- heheheheee. 

I feel unstoppable at this stage. Something has come over me, and something has transformed in me. I don't know how it happened exactly, when or where, but it happened. I think I have crossed over into a new realm of iron clad strength and resilience.

Perhaps being in a supportive and healthy work environment for once has helped me to feel healthier. Perhaps it's because I no longer associate with toxic people. I'm in a healthy relationship for once, and I have a healthy work environment, finally. I feel truly loved and cherished, I feel celebrated for my strengths and I feel supported. It's all helping me to feel far healthier inside. Toxicity and abuse erodes a person on the inside. I can attest to that. 

I ran across this quote recently, and I just LOVED IT! It so applies to me! And perhaps to many of us here: 

"I'm going to make you happy", said life, "but first I am going to make you strong." 

Keep up the good fight everyone! It's well worth the battle, coming out on the other side. 


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