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Week of Monday March 4th

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I am really not feeling well this morning - I had canned chili last night and it's not agreeing with me. Ugh. At least I've managed to get up earlier in preparation for the stupid time change Sunday.  Anyway, here is this week....

Monday, March 4th- 35 minutes easy yoga for beginners;

Tuesday, March 5th- missed a workout - spent the day out of town at a workshop

Wednesday, March 6th- walked 1.6 miles in 30 minutes

Thursday, March 7th- out sick - does running to the bathroom count as exercise?

Friday, March 8th- went home sick early; didn't work out

Saturday, March 9th- had a major anxiety attack bc I ran out of anxiety meds - walked nearly 4.2 miles in 1h 15min

Sunday, March 10th- missed my walk and workout again, but I wasn't sick


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