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Feeling Good.....

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Barring a few minor things like the normal morning 'runs', I actually feel - gasp - pretty damn good this morning!  I'm sure work will no doubt change that, LOL.  Usually does.  But that's okay.  For now, I feel great!  Like the song says, 'I got a little change in my pocket goin' jing-a-ling-a-ling...'  I know you can't buy happiness, but when you have a little extra to buy one or two things  (BOOKS!  ALL THE BOOKS!)  it does help quite  a bit. 

The past two days I've been doing a HIIT routine - low impact - for beginners, since I don't fancy getting frost bite outside walking.  I can really feel the difference. I was struggling along to the easy version of the easy version (LOL)  and had to tone even that down because I was having problems with low blood pressure. I can feel a difference in my core muscles, though. I'm joining a gym this month (discount - yay!)  so I can walk inside when it's too hot or cold.  I think if I alternate these two - walking and the beginners low impact HIIT routine - I won't get too burned out on either one.

I still haven't managed to watch any more of Supernatural.  I love being able to binge watch on Netflix, but Castiel is so important to me - I can't stand it when things happen to him.  When he became human after Metatron took his Grace, and Dean sent him away - I bawled.  Like a fucking baby.  OMG, I can't handle that right now.  Right now I need Castiel to be surrounded by all things light and beautiful.  hey, stop laughing at me - that's really real shit there.  Castiel is my go-to safe place when I need to wrangle my anxiety.  Maybe if I ever get a handle on my stress and anxiety I can start watching the Supernatural writers torture him again.


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