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I'm adding a pic of my current attempt at crochet. So far I'm just doing a single stitch, and I"m sure I'm doing absolutely everything totally wrong.  I'm not even sure at this point what it will be - I think I was aiming for something 'scarfy', but... Well, you tell me.  After you pick yourself up off the floor laughing. 


See all those curves - that's natural, and it means I'm doing something horribly wrong. I just can't figure out what, LOL.  But I'm sticking with it.  Because I'm just used to torturing myself, I guess.

I'm also trying to alternate walking with a home workout - 21F is a little too cold for me, haha.  I tried a new low impact HIIT routine for beginners by a place called HasFit - I followed the easy part and still nearly died. But I can feel the difference still - not 'OMG sore' but what passes for stomach muscle feels tighter.  I'm hoping that alternating walking 30 minutes with doing this workout for 30 minutes - as in, either one each day - will help some of my ankle and foot pain.  I also need to get better shoes, that's next on the list.  At some point in the next month I"ll have to find a way to deal with the inevitable lower back pain. Not 'OMG I think I pulled something' but 'OMG I'm actually getting fitter and it's changing the way my body moves'. 

I would say that I'm doing this for Misha Collins - because one day I want to meet him and not be totally embarrassed about how I look.  But TBH, it's mainly for my hubby and a little for me.  And maybe a Little for Misha. So, like 2/5 for Hubby, 2/5 for me, 1/5 for Misha.  At the moment, I weigh probably as much as hubby, but I'd like to weigh considerably less than I do now. 

trigger warning, figures and numbers ahead..... I'll tell you when they're past..... (hint, look for this color again)



Currently, I think I weigh about 220, and I"m 5'9 or 5'10.  I'd like to get down to around 150-160; I feel like that's reasonable. 




Okay, the numbers are over....

One of the things I've been working on are: trying to only eat when I'm hungry.  I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but I'm an emotional eater.  So only eating when I'm hungry is a pretty big deal.  At this point, I've been trying off and on for several years just to be able to record what I eat - not like calories and details though. I can only manage about a day and a half of recording before I get really horribly stressed out over it and quit.  So only eating when I'm hungry is a lot of work for me. I'm finding that there are two main times of the day I get hungry, so I'm trying to only eat reasonably then, and maybe one or two small snacks. For me right now, that means I order a footlong sub and it ends up being two meals.  That's a change for me.  Maybe one day I'll be able to make it three meals. 

Anyway, better get ready for work....



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I'm so proud of you my friend for trying to make a major life changing moment.  I pray

nothing but the best for you as you move forward in this awesome goal of yours.  I also

need to lose some weight, so that my life can become much more manageable without

medicine for this and that. 

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