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The Hard Side of the hobby

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I have had a hard few days, I have had to turn down fish that really need help because I am not in a position to take in anymore. I calculated that the current weight of my tanks is over 1.5 metric tons (1750KG when filled), thankfully our house is built on a block and beam concrete floor so I don't need any further reinforcement, in all of this i have perhaps 100 ish Fry, 4 Permanent residents and my rescues (and other animals, reptile and amphibians).

Anyway this week for the first time I have suffered losses, in each case it was a total shock as I honestly thought that they were doing better, well apart from Sticky. 

Sticky, I found him passed away this morning. I had previously managed to cure his Columnaris (body rot) but then he contracted Popeye and Dropsy. I got rid of the Popeye and I have been treating his dropsy symptoms (Liver cancer in fish essentially) to keep him comfortable, I decided against trying to use Epsom Salts to draw out the fluids as that adds a lot of stress to the fish so I made sure he had clean, warm water and plenty of food. Sadly I found him belly up in his tank this morning. I took his little body with me this morning and buried it under a Willow Tree at a nearby stream (an English version of his native habitat)

I also had to euthanize my first fish last night, which was very very difficult to do emotionally, but i believe was for the best. I did not name this one but got him on Tuesday (so 2 days ago). I have honestly no idea what was wrong with him (or rather HOW MUCH) he had wrong with him, he was dumped in a tiny cup behind a load of other stock. No idea how long he had been there but was suffering from severe Ammonia poisoning at the very least. He got back to mine, where i set up a small tank with clean warm water, I tried for the last 2 days to feed him, but he was not interested. This morning when i woke up he looked like he was struggling and gasping for air, bearing in that the water level is approximately as much as you can see in the picture I decided that it was best if I put him down. I tried one final feeding before he got a clove oil treatment. He is also under the Willow. 

Finally, Tuesday i took in another 4 fish (including the previously mentioned guy who passed away) all of these three have swim bladder issues, I think that they have been fed too much food, or the wrong kind of food. So these will get a 100% gut reset (no food for 7 days, and then slowly build up amount of live foods before switching them back to pellets and see if it happens again, if it does they'll have to live on live food) I ahve named these three this morning, Leor (4th Pic),  Flip (6th) and Flop (5th).  Flop is actually sleeping in that photo, scared the life out of me when I saw him do that. 









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So this week is not getting any better.

I have lost a couple of Young Female Fry, not entirely sure how that happened but I suspect something to do with my heater or the filter. I also had to put down Leo and Flip, they started having serious issues with their Gills which is something I have never heard of with Betta Fish, this is not Ick or Ammonia poisoning so I have no idea what it is or how this could have been caused. It is likely that they had severe Ammonia Damage prior to taking them in and the damage was just too great. I dont know. They both will be missed. Came back from being at lunch for 30 minutes and found one of my desk mates had passed as well, this was shocking as I had no idea she was ill. So now everyone is taking Epsom Salt baths and will have a load of Tea added to their tanks shortly. 

Currently in the process now of stripping down their tanks and starting again, I am thinking that I may just go with Bare Tanks, Heater, Filter and Silk Plant/Rest Hammock in the future for these as the continuous rinsing drying and rinsing of the substrate is driving me insane

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Lost another one this afternoon, I need to work out what the hell is going on

This time one of my favourites, Lapis. NO idea what happened just looked at her tank and she's gone belly up

All fish are now in individual cups, being heated in a single tank. I got multiple aeration stones running to get filtration in each cup.

Never seen so many bloody wires laying around

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