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Day Off....



So.... The 'hour late opening' has turned into 'stay home'.  I'm torn between LOLing and doing a victory dance.  Woo-hoo. Icy roads and sidewalks... hopefully people will stay home and be safe. I'm just going to enjoy a day off (probably have to use hours to make up for it, but hey...)

   North-South-Snowmeme.thumb.jpg.7d253d9c2b7866860e63fb49dbcda5d3.jpg                    snow-spring-memes-humor.jpg.76380aa9e52e3ccd3a09b8aa1feefc5b.jpg                                                                                                                                          


I"m looking forward to writing - I'm making good progress on my Supernatural/Doom fanfiction. I should be able to post something soon. I'm also working on a Supernatural AU that has, let's say, a very decided Christian slant to it.  Think 'This Present Darkness' by Frank Peretti - Supernatural with Christian Theology thrown in.  It radically changes some things (well, duh), but it's been fun writing it. 


I picked up another little story I started ages ago but lost track of - this is what happens when I try to clean out files on my computer, LOL.  It involves orphaned American fraternal twins, Japan, the Yakuza, & a closeted gay First Lieutenant.  I have no idea what I'm talking about tho - but I'm determined to finish it.  Because I'm bad about not finishing tough stuff. Hey, if I don't finish I can say I didn't fail... Or if it fails, I can say it's because I didn't finish... Don't laugh, I really believe that shit. 

BroshProcrastinateMeme.png.3400aa0b767a4cc92ee79aec64495e7d.png               MozartProcrastinateMeme.jpg.72ad3ebbf95124795ca9b1fe3a506c37.jpg

All this makes me think I'm just procrastinating my dragon story.  But I really cannot decide how to do it.  How do I narrow down all the ideas that float around?  Which one do I want to do more?  I've started in one direction (pre-industrial society, strongly reminiscent of McCaffrey's Pern), but I can't finish, so I'm looking at other directions but I need to figure out how I want to approach it.  And there are not really many examples to go from, because the direction I want to go is not very well represented. 


And it's not like I think I can make money off this - writing is more like who I am.  It's like I have to let these things out, you know?  I'm not writing in an effort to make money - I'm writing because I can't help it.  Sort of like how I make lots of useless lists when I stress out.  I like making lists, it makes things seem do-able somehow.  But then I very often don't finish them - but then, my lists are unreasonably long - like, 'setting myself up for failure' long.  And they don't seem too long when I write them.  I guess I just overestimate how much my lazy ass can get done - or procrastinate. 







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