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Kick 'em when they're up, Kick 'em when they're down



Nothing beats having the salt massaged into the open wound. Today I was robbed. Twice. Yes, that's correct. Robbed. Money taken out of my account. By identity thieves. Twice. In one day. 

Fckers win again. 


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Yeah that really sucks, I'm sorry.  A couple years ago an ID thief starting charging payments to my account.  It took awhile for my bank to sort out the issue.  I hope you get compensation of some type Tearz.  The thieves themselves will probably never get caught unfortunately.  

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Thank you AG. ID theft is such a big issue, I'm sorry it happened to you too. My bank was very understanding and opened a fraud investigation that very evening. I'm not sure what upset me more that night, having my money taken, or not getting the food I paid the thieves for. That evening was a bust, and I went to bed sad, mad and hungry. But..it has since been resolved (monies credited to my account) so it has turned out ok. And my week has gone better since. ✌️

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