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WARNING: Self-Pity Rant in Progress



Wow, it's been a long time since I've logged on, the site has changed again!  🙂 

My doctor's office called me today and told me that for the third time, my blood sugar reading says that I'm a full-blown type 2 diabetic.  I'm not really surprised as my health has never been a priority with me, my parents were both type 2 diabetics and so is at least one of my sisters.  Now that this keeps happening (hence the "third time" phrase in the previous sentence), I have to face that fact that this may really be true.  I told the doctor I did not want to take medication but wanted to try lifestyle changes first.  She actually agreed to this.  Now the kicker.  I don't want to make lifestyle changes.  I am too in love with carbs and sugar and cupcakes and ice cream and I love to bake cookies and pies and cakes...  A plate full of vegetables for dinner sounds so BORING and unpalatable.  I feel like all the enjoyment has been taken out of life.  I turn to food when I'm upset or depressed or angry.  It's something to look forward to when I've had a bad day.  It just pisses me off that this is happening to me.  Yes, yes, I know, there are a lot worse things out there.  But I still feel this way. 


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