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Been Awhile, Weather, Oh & a Small Rant

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I didn't realize it's been so long since I put up a blog post - Feb 4th is the date of my last one.  Wow.  Time flies, eh? 

We got out of work early yesterday for snow - by the time I got out to my car, there was actually about 4" on it.  If you're from one of the northern US states, or Canada even, don't laugh too hard at me... We Midwesterners don't know what to do with snow, LOL.  Bake us to death at over 110F and we're in our element; change the weather on a daily basis from 32F highs to 70+F highs to tornado and flood warnings - all in the space of one week during the 'winter' - and we just laugh.  But snow?  Mass panic.  So work opens an hour late today, and there is no school.  All for about 4"-6" of snow and frozen slush.  Hey, any break in the work week is fine with me! 

I'm not sure what else to say. 

<<<<<< Bit of a 'trigger warning' here - I'm on a bit of a rant as staff in the comments below, though no names are mentioned of course - so if you don't want to deal with that, here's your chance to bail. Oh, and here's an instructional meme for you, LOL. Just keep scrolling until you see the next meme.   Cheers!>>>>>>



I had a bit of a disagreement with someone here. I hate it when that happens - it messes me up for weeks, believe it or not.  This person used a PM & no links to bring a problem to our attention, instead of a report.  When it took longer than they thought it should to take care of it, they got snarky, implying much laziness on our part. I found this attitude very upsetting. 

I don't know whether I found it more hurtful or angering.  I work full time, & I have responsibilities to my husband and to my family - those things have to come first.  This is true, to one degree or another, for all the staff who give their time here.  Because I use the site as staff, and generally have 'responsibilities' when I come here, most weeks I can only manage to be here @ three times a week, for about an hour or so each time.  And I have a lot to do in that time - and I also have a lot to do that does not get done regularly enough. But my mental health is important, too.  So it really upset me that this person was so flippant about how I should spend my time here, and that they treated me like a lazy employee.  TBH, I don't have the time to sift through all the forums or 'search' threads, no matter how 'little' time this person thinks it will take.  Because that's not the only issue I have to deal with, and that's generally not the only 'problem thread' I have to deal with. And I'm not the webmaster!  This is true to a degree, for all staff here.  We have different levels of responsibility, but we all take our 'work' here seriously, and it is highly important to all of us to be here and do our best while we are here.  Some of us can be here more often than others, and we all have different proficiencies and strengths we bring. We also have different issues & struggles that can make being here problematic at times - we have 'hard times' too.  It just angered me that this person was so flippant about all that - like we are recalcitrant employees who are too lazy to do their 'job' right. 

<<<<<<<<<<<<<Okay, rant over now.  Here's another meme to mark your place.  Cheers again! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



I have to say that I really do appreciate it when members take time out of their own time here to report something - it really is helpful when you file a report, or even pose your site related problem in the q&a thread.  It helps us focus on problem areas first. I know there are so many things that end up sliding 'under the radar', because we are short staffed. It can be emotionally demanding, and using the site as a staff member feels different and has different stressors than you might realize.  So when members take time to report problems they see, and post about problems they are having in the appropriate forum, it really is very helpful.  And those of you who take time out to visit the new members forum, and welcome people - you contribute so much more than you realize!  You the members, and how you look out for each other, are the ones who really make DF a special & safe place. 





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57 minutes ago, 20YearsandCounting said:

You guys being here and supporting each other is what makes DF a special place, Tearz.  :hugs: Thank you for reaching out. 

Well said my friend it’s good to have a place where you can go to, to vent and to let out your frustrations.

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