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A better day



Well, I sure have been ignoring my blog lately. It's been like, what? Six days, by my count. So much for the daily entries I promised myself I'd make. Guess I can get in touch with my inner-self on a part-time basis. Better than nothing.

My husband took a few days off from work. We got a lot done. Accomplished many little tasks, little errands that needed to be taken care of. It's hard for me to do certain things on my own, as I do not have a car. Hopefully that'll change.

Sideline: A friend of mine was able to purchase a much-needed auto. I'm so happy for her! :Coopyahoo:

My husband was to return to work on Tuesday. Monday night/Tuesday morning I became so depressed. So incredibly sad. So, so, so blue. All because he was returning to work.

As usual, the depressive episode led to an anxiety attack. This time the panic was over groceries. Yep, you read correctly - groceries. One task we hadn't accomplished was grocery shopping. I became panic ridden over this. How could he leave me alone all day, stranded without a car, when we were low on mouth wash and completely out of paper towels? Mind you, I wasn't angry. I was panicked. Nervous. Scared.

Needless to say, I made through the day. But not before the depression returned. I spent all of Tuesday in bed. I literally slept the day away. I'd no desire to get up, dress, etc.. I'd force myself to get my butt out of bed to let the dog out. Once she had conducted her little business out in the yard, it was back to bed for me.

It was the same thing on Wednesday. Wednesday night, at my husband's urging, I climbed into the shower. Poor guy, he has to share a bed with me, which can't be pleasant when I'm this depressed, and my hygienic care fall to the wayside.

I couldn't sleep Wednesday night. What made me think I'd be able to? I'd just spent 2 days in bed. There's not enough Halcion in the world to help me sleep when coming out of a depressive episode.

Today, which is Thursday, I'm feeling much better. I'm daisy fresh and dressed, and actually left the house. For me, that's a pretty big deal.

Thanks for reading.


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i'm so glad you're feeling better and dasiy fresh today..... i hope that tomorrow is even better than today.... :-)

just wanted to say that and say hi.... :-)


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