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Everything Will Be Okay; Tiny Lessons

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I tortured myself as I usually do,
thinking and jumping to conclusions,
the worst case scenario.

Synchronicities piece things together with reassurance.
And the Universe is for me, right beside me,
Gratitude shows up everywhere.
My dominant thoughts become my
dominant experiences and reality.

I believe in the Secret. Now I must only apply it
in full.

The past I cannot change, it is gone,
and the future is out of my control
Be Present.

The Present is the
Past and Future combined,
Just as I type this, it's already becoming
the past. With every letter I type,
the next letter is the future, but the
letter behind it is now the past.

Live in the NOW moment.
Quit time travelling to the past with regret,
and to the future with anxiety.

That makes for a very unpleasant Present.

Life keeps on going. So this is now past,
because the present is continuous.
Never stopping for anyone.

Mistakes come, and they go with lessons.
How would we know anything unless
we first fail, and learn what it is NOT,
to narrow it down to what it IS?

World News scares me,
but I know what fear is.

False Evidence Appearing Real.

People may try to scare me,

but I know everything will be okay.




The mouse in a box
with glass of a type of acid.
This Acid is odorless,
but fatal
You’ll never know
if the mouse
is dead or alive unless
you open the box.

But in that moment,
the mouse
is both dead and alive,
because of what isn’t known.

That's how I feel about
reading the Bible now,

Can you take the word of others
and call it a truth
when you don't even know
for yourself if it's true
or false?

Like this:


Everyone has
a red box.
You don’t know
what’s in anybody else's
box but you own.

You have a silver ball
in your red box.

Is your reality true,
and the only truth,
about what’s in your box
as opposed to everyone
else’s box?

Is your box the only truth?
What if everyone had a silver ball?

You’d never know.

What if you were the only one who got
a silver ball?

You’d never know.


What if yours had a silver ball, but everyone
else's box was empty?


What is not known
for certain
cannot be considered
the TRUTH for all.

Thank you for reading. I hope this makes sense.

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