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The world as i experience it

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We are all alone 

People try to reach out but its impossible 

I hate and love everyone.  I know thats confusing but i dont care.  I need the end of conciousness as its a hell.  

EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has touched my world has left.   **** them.

Why is it si hard to shut all the doors?

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I’m so sorry for what u r going through, I have no experience in that area, yet I feel for u 😞 Keep posting to let it out, don’t keep it inside. It’s natural to want to be left alone when ur depressed. And sadly, it’s natural for people to leave us. I have to agree that we are all alone. I try to not let my feelings get too attached to anyone. 

Not every single person who touch us will still be here, but this forum and community as a whole will always be here to lend it’s listening ear, so when u have grieved enough, come back out to a new you. Memories will still be there, but we can always start a new day differently from yesterday.

It’s ok to take your time to grief. 

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