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Life in a psychiatric hospital

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This is my fifth day in a hospital. I thought of writing you guys what it's like to be here. I am writing from North of Europe so my experience may be somewhat different from yours. 

I am having lot of trouble concentrating so let's see how I work this out. 

A typical day starts at 730am with a breakfast and distribution of morning meds. Nurses will wake you up and ensure you have some breakfast. 

After the breakfast and meds everybody gather in a common room for a morning info. A nurse tells about today's program and deal with a different topics like anxiety, feelings, sleep etc. 

Before a lunch you can participate in groups. There's different groups available from Monday to Friday. I haven't taken part in any yet but I have signed up for one group next week. It's for parents who have a mental illness. I think it deals with how to tell children about a mental illness. 

Lunch is served at 1130am. Food here is pretty good. At 130pm is coffee time. Coffee is not that good here but I get used to it. Coffee is very important for finns and I think we consume more coffee than any other nation. Or that's what I have read. 

Days go by quite slowly here. Meals are  highlight of the day and set the pace of the day. There are some activities available like books, magazines, a computer, a tv, puzzles and of course socializing with other patients. Dinner is served at 430pm. This is not a closed ward so you can go outside for a walk, run errands, meet family and friends or visit home.

You have to talk with your nurse if you want to go somewhere. I am not allowed to visit home this week because I am suicidal but I'll go tomorrow to my parents with my family. I think my sister is coming too with her family. I will be away for three hours and get back by six o'clock when I have to take meds. 

There is a nurse for every patient morning shift and evening shift. Nurses usually come to talk once during the shift but they are available if you need to talk more. There's three nurses on my team but I also meet other nurses than those three who are responsible of my treatment. 

A supper and evening meds are served at 730pm. Patients take care of serving it. Every room has a kitchen shift when they are responsible of serving the supper and cleaning up. It's part of the treatment. 

Some patients watch tv in the evening, some patients prefere staying in their rooms. I usually stay in my room. I talk with other patients when eating but I don't socialize much except with my roommate. My roommate doesn't spend much time in our room so I get to be here alone. 

My mood has been quite good here. I mostly feel safe and relieved here. My concentration and capacity are weak so I don't do much. I lie in my bed and message with friends and family. Or try to write on different forums like this. 

That is pretty much a typical day in a psychiatric ward. I hope I was able to give you a glimpse of my days.

I will add some photos too. 






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Wow those are detailed info and photos. I do wonder what will I do if I ever need to get warded in a psychiatric hospital. And now I know.. though my area might be a bit different.. Learned something new today thanks. It does feel much better when there’s no daily life stress to deal with right? 

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I am glad if anyone find this post helpful. 

@Depressedgurl007 it is exactly the way you thought. I find it so much easier to be here than at home where everything reminds me of things I fail. 

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@nhaar Thank you for your dispatch from inside the hospital. I really appreciate it. The facilities in the US have a bad reputation; some of it deserved I'm sure. My former GF told me some real horror stories about her time inside one.

Best wishes to you. And by all means, please keep posting updates!

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Thank you for sharing with us how things are going with you and giving us a glimpse of what life is like in treatment.

 I used to actually work in one several years ago and my job was to listen to them and to help them but there life stories on paper.  So,that we would be better equipped to help them 

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