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What happened to my October goals?

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Do you remember me setting some goals for October? Well, me either until I came across with them today when reading some old posts and thinking of my blog's future. 

Let's have a look at them right here and now. 



1. I will only work three days a week as I have agreed on. I won't take extra hours, I won't stay late, I will prioritize healt over work.

I did pretty good sticking with my shifts and not taking any extra hours. Well, part-time working only worked for me about three weeks until I was back on sick leave. 

2. I will write my blogs part-time, posting less, two or three times a week.

I wrote much less and without purpose. Actually I only wrote diary posts instead of any real blog posts. Simply because I was not up to it. 

3. I will read at least five books. Reading helps to restore concentration.

I didn't read a single book. Concentration - zero level. 

4. I will actively search for means to manage and reduce my anxiety, other than drugs.

Well, we all remember what happened with my drug using... 

5. I will go outdoors more.

Yeah right... 

6. I will eat healthy and at least four times a day.

I didn't eat at all so my body was dehydrated that led to lithium toxicacy. 

7. I will see friends as often as I can.

I had no interest in seeing anybody. 

8. I will learn to love myself again and let go of anger and shame.

This I can proudly tell I nailed it. I am pretty good terms with myself even if I am not doing good. 

9. I'll stay with my meds and avoid excessive drinking.

I have stayed with my meds and haven't enjoyed alcohol at all. 

10. I will overcome my fears and spend time in my back yard even if I got hundred panic attacks.

Well, this didn't played out so well. 


Okay, what do you think? I think I was quite optimistic and didn't see what was coming towards me. I am going to share some new goals and hopes I have for this year. 

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I think you have done well in all honesty, none of us know what is coming our way.

For me I agree with @Bulgakov, I think that the most important goal that you set was achieved. You've done great with that and keeping on your meds and off the drink. 

I think that if this works for you, then you should carry on setting yourself goals. 

Just be careful not to try and over reach or stretch

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