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My Ginko Biloba Experiment

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I was testing the Ginko Biloba that I used to take in high school.... I was trying it as a night-time remedy for remembering my dreams.

Indeed, I did remember them. However, there were a few things that made it all worse.


Anger and irritability: It caused me to be more angry and irritable upon waking. It lasted til the early evening. Not good.

Sweating: I have hyperhidrosis already, but it made the sweating even more worse.

Very Vivid Dreams: My dreams were so vivid that I woke in panic. I did remember them in very clear detail. However, a few days afterwards, it was as if I had not even taken it as I did not remember my dreams as well a few days later and like right now, I remember them but it's just not as clear as when I first woke up.

Very Severe Headaches: I began to get 'splitting' headaches after taking this. I woke up with the headaches.

I'm sorry I don't have much else to say about this, but I thought it would be important to document it. One of you guys asked to see how my experiment went. I tried this for about 7 days. I began to notice the anger/irritability, sweating, dreams and headaches about the second or third night.

And in coming out of a dream, I saw, with my eyes closed, what looked like broadcast circles that were above me "giving me the dream". It made me become a little paranoid, I was thinking I was either being given the dreams from a broadcast satellite by the government or maybe being cursed by a witch, because I dreamed of witches in my dreams; I also had a series of continuing dreams upon waking, going back to sleep, and waking again, then sleeping again.

If I think of anything else to say about this, I'll make a new blog post about it. I hope this helps someone, anyone 🙂


Edit note: Also I began taking my antipsychotic medication in the mornings, and I have noticed being more irritable with it than when I take it at night. So the irritability may come from the morning dose of the antipsychotic.

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I think my experience was similar. It didn’t do much but got me more irritated. That’s why I decided to leave it on the shelf. 

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