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Characters That Get to Me....

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[this is an old unpublished bit of blather from about a week ago]

Since I blathered on about music and resonance and no one shot me, figuratively or literally, I thought I would blather on about characters - movie, TV - that really speak to me.  Maybe there will be another post for books or book characters that really speak to me.  For now we will stick with the 'visual arts', if I might be so snooty....

This should be fun, because there are so many movies I've seen that I forget..... I guess we'll start with the namesake of this blog, the Seraph Castiel....


Castiel is an Angel inhabiting a human body - specifically, that of devoted Christian and family man Jimmy Novak.  Castiel often says one of his biggest regrets is what happened to Jimmy Novak, and everything he endured while Castiel inhabited his body. 

Of course, in Season 5




Castiel is obliterated. And though Castiel is brought back (Thank Chuck.... literally) as Castiel 2.0, the Seraph, Jimmy Novak died and went to his personal heaven.  (Supernatural's depiction of heaven is another blog post, BTW). So you have a socially awkward figure who has literally spent millennia observing humanity and loving them from a distance.  The body he inhabits is not his natural form, and on the occasions when he does lose his Angel Mojo and become human, he struggles greatly with the daily necessities of being human.

Even when he is human he still gives a very strong impression of feeling... apart.... from humanity.  Like the suit he's wearing just doesn't fit quite right. 

I can make a joke here about how accurate that is when your True Form is approximately the size of the Chrysler Building, but inside....

Inside I'm absolutely crying buckets. 

My entire life I've felt like that....

like somehow I got the wrong suit and I can't figure out where to take it for alterations, so I never get as attached to it as everyone else does with their suits.... 

I'm not crying, you're crying.... 





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