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Old Friend; Exercise; Eye Exam; Feelings

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I was talking to a friend I had been with as a girlfriend for a little while... we broke it up after a week, but I'm very nervous to talk to her, but she seems to be doing very well, and I'm glad, very very happy for her. She is smiling in her pictures, and with a new guy, and I am sincerely so happy for her. She needed someone decent for her.

I walked 10 minutes today. I'm getting back into exercise. I wish I could stick with it. Everyday.

My eyes need checked. I have trouble to see my closed captions on t.v. Hmm.

Kinda depressed but kinda excited, also kinda dopey today. I feel a million feelings at once. I felt joy earlier and it lasted longer than the usual 2 seconds. I want to get it back and keep it forever.

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Don't look below!!

Scroll up to play.  In the background sunset sky of the DF pages, can anyone find a picture of Jamark and doggie--from shoulders up, side profile--using a spray can to shoot arrows at an attacking short-horned goat, or wolf?



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