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Not Sure What to Say....

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....Which means I should probably not say anything until I get my thoughts together, huh?  I'm trying to get used to the idea of expressing my thoughts and feelings, and even having feelings if that doesn't sound crazy enough. I feel like I spend most of my day stuffing things.  Like the song in Frozen, 'conceal, don't feel'.....  I think I might have missed taking my meds this morning... I can't remember for sure.  I think I need to break down and get one of those daily pill things.  This tends to happen more often when I'm stressed and need the meds the most. Hopefully I can keep it together this morning and keep my mouth shut.  Anxiety makes me talkative and assertive, so I really have to work overtime to make sure I"m not speaking out of turn. 

Here's Misha. I love his craziness, mainly because I could never in a million years feel comfortable enough to be that unapologetically odd. It's something to aspire to. 




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