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First Day, Sort Of.....

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I started this blog on my first day of implementing my new year's resolution via The Mighty's 52 Small Steps program. I just realized I need some sort of concrete measuring point - something I can point to and say 'this proves I was successful', or an overall goal that everything works towards.  So I've decided that my overall goal is to lose weight and improve the shape I'm in.  I won't use numbers here, but it is easily in the mid double digits.  I'm not sure how to measure the 'improve the shape I'm in' part.  Maybe signing up for a marathon or something next year, like the OKC Memorial Marathon in April next year. I don't think I'll be jogging it, but I'd like to be able to at least walk it without hip pain after the first mile and quarter. I've decided that for my 'walk three times a week, I'll be walking Sunday, Wednesday, & Friday.  Having specific days helps me stick to it.  Hopefully later this evening I will be editing this post to add that I went on my walk after work.



Edit 1/10 to add:  Yes, I did go walking yesterday evening after work - I stayed out for 20 minutes and went just over 1.1 miles. 👏    😉

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