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Some songs do more than resonate.... Some songs reflect such a deep, perhaps previously unrealized part of yourself that you simultaneously want to hug fiercely the person who wrote it and beat them upside the head for putting a recorder in your brain to record your thoughts..... Oh, no one else thinks that?  Oh, well.

          TreebeardLOTR.jpg.0e03df01869e8615f120aaa2e1300a22.jpg        LakeRipple.thumb.jpg.4e09c9a3fc33523cce11dd8e1d54bca8.jpg    MonsterFighter.thumb.jpg.0f1104402f495cae8cc1709fc35a9951.jpg


Anyway, some songs are just fundamentally 'us' in some way or another.  Here are a few of mine, in no particular order.....

[and yes, I will wax spiritual at a couple of points, so forewarned.....]


Carnival by Natalie Merchant                 https://youtu.be/o9ZHuvBcVJg

There is not one line in this song that I do not deeply identify with......

Even the feel of the song - like someone walking through life more as an observer than a participant....

Very much entranced and enchanted by what they see, but somehow apart from it......


Lonely Road of Faith by Kid Rock                    https://youtu.be/rSgTAJiWXvs

This song reflects very much my relationship with my husband, and my feelings for him.

He is so much of who I am that I couldn't put together a list like this without mentioning him.

I love it because it also reflects a lot of things I've learned over the years....  In many ways, faith is a lonely road, because it is one only we can walk for ourselves...


Dust in the Wind by Kansas                           https://youtu.be/tH2w6Oxx0kQ

This song brings me so much peace inside, I just cannot explain it.  I just can't.  You'd think it would be depressing....

Whenever I listen to it I can just feel myself relax inside......        It just reflects a very deep part of me, I guess...... 


If I Ever Lose My Faith In You by Sting               https://youtu.be/7km4EHgkQiw

This one is my spiritual beliefs pretty much summed up in one song. For me, this is a deeply spiritual song about/for Christ. 

Which has got to be the epitome of irony, because Sting is an avowed and unapologetic atheist - I am quite sure Christ was the last thing on his mind when he wrote it.

Nonetheless, if I had to sum up my spiritual beliefs in a song, this would be it.......

'I could be lost inside their lies.... without a trace.... but every time I close my eyes..... I see your face'   (you being Christ)


CastielCantPeople.jpg.fe968ba8a69a285456405ebf6c3da45d.jpg                        CastielTrueForm.jpg.97c6d8ff4acb9a1210697c5869147f1f.jpg



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