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Fight Songs.....

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Having to re-type this because somehow I erased it all..... LOL.  Anyway....

We all have our fight songs here.... I know we do. 

I don't know each and every one of you personally, but I feel like it's a really safe guess to say that you all have a song(s) that help you renew your energy and your will to fight....

Here are a few of mine.....


Killing In the Name Of - Rage Against the Machine   -   This is a re-make done by Brass Against feat. Sophia Urista

My favorite line - and you should try shouting this in the car or someplace where people won't look at you weirdly for randomly shouting things....

Trust me, it's cathartic.....  Because really, you should go your own way (unless that involves hurting yourself or others...)

'F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me...'



Township Rebellion - Rage Against the Machine

Favorite line - only one guess....

Again, try shouting this - because in a way, we are at war with the norm.

The norm tells us we're not trying hard enough. 

F**k that sh** - we fight harder than anyone else out there, period. 

So shout it out, because it's true...

'Why stand on a silent platform / Fight the war, F**k the norm'



Pull Me Under - Dream Theater

This one may not be for everyone. 

If you still frequently really sweat out the suicidal thoughts, this might not be true for you. 

They don't often scare the f**k-all out of me anymore.  I'm not sure if that's good or not.

This song reminds me that I've been down a tough road and come back alive - and not all of us do. 

 I think the song is actually about a warrior facing his last moments, and in a way, that is highly apropos...

'Pull me under / Pull me under / Pull me under / I'm not afraid'



Where's Your Head At - Basement Jaxx

I love this song.  It makes me smile every. d*mn. time. without. fail.

This is my song for myself, because I am - and always have been - a complete space cadet. 

I love a couple lines in particular, but they may not be for everyone, especially if you are still struggling with suicidal thoughts. 

For me, they help me keep my anxiety in perspective. 

'Don't let the walls cave in on you / We can live on, live on without you'



Anyway, there are other songs that inspire me, but they're not 'fight songs' - you know? 

Maybe I'll share those later, because heaven knows everyone is beating down my door to read this, LOL. 


SupernaturalSwordDean.jpg.9e56d58e7cc9cdba0dcee0b1638d565e.jpg                              DeanDoesntAppreciatetheEffort.gif.76c041cee9667d51f87c0a362755ffec.gif






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