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Notes taken from a Tony Robbins motivational speech

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My Notes From a video called "The 3 Steps to a Breakthrough | Tony Robbins"

Having courage is that while you are still afraid, you are still facing your fears.

And fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

1. The future as my mind tells me it is, is FEAR.

2. Ghosts are FEAR.

3. The Dark is FEAR.

(Those are my fears. You may replace mine with yours, but every fear IS FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real).

Get out of your comfort zone and do something that even you are astonished by.

It’s not about being alone. Build something with someone with the same or similar vision.

Loving being in an environment that people can support you, to help you become your greatest version.

The body Is the subconscious mind. You have to pay attention to what you’re doing with your body, because that reveals the secrets of your mind and all our problems start within the mind, and manifests into our physical reality.

We disobey our emotions which is the energy in motion (our inner guidance system.)

Confidence = “to trust”. Do thinks that satisfy every cell in your body.

Once you obey your true inner emotions, you form a greater coherency between the body, mind and heart.

Once you are not in alignment with your emotions, with a true feeling, how can you be confident? How can you TRUST yourself?

((( My key words: intuition, focus, trust, confidence, courage, responsibility, humility, perspective. )))

Therefore, how can you trust anybody else?

Professionals have practiced, yet are still learning. How do we learn? Through the bad times. Through rough, tough hard times. Through tests and challenges.

Don’t rest on your laurels. You do something write, you say “I did it”… then you hear a voice “do it again” (Practice).

We learn through repetition too. Highly confident people can always do it again, because it’s within them…

Are you living from the inside out or outside in?

Practicing everyday forms the muscle memory and it allows us to cultivate (aquire or develop, prepare and use) that trust within ourselves. (Universe inside you, trust universe).

Lack of self love… looking in the mirror and you don’t like what you see? You lose trust.

You lose trust when you rely on what others think of you. Lose trust when you allow another go give you value.

Anything that keeps you in separation – break programming of it.

Separation is related to fear. Low self esteem = feeling that we don’t have anything to contribute to the world. Or to ourselves. So we lose value. We wait for the approval of others.

Love yourself when you go to the place of your greatest power. Meditation, deep rest.

Externalizing your power “someone else is the cause of my problems”.

This will change when you take 100% responsibility for your actions. Your own emotion. Power is within you. You are the guru. I can’t do what others do and they can’t do what I do because we’re in a different time in space. Move out of competition with everyone around you. Take back power to not be afraid of delving into the shadowland. True confidence from within, not how big your house is or how beautiful your car is.

Inner knowing.

We live our lives based on other’s value systems. Internal process.

Punishment and reward.

We are programmed so punishment and reward are learned behaviors. Dare to trust yourself! Reprogramming subconscious mind. Have the wonder, happiness and joy of a child. We all have a different purpose, follow, honor and be true to it.

Lifestyle – bad, low vibrational foods = panic attacks.

Self worth, the source of our own happiness = good foods, vegan even.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Be inspired by them, but don’t try to BE them.

Share your journey. Do what you resonate with. The greatest enemy and friend lies within ourselves.

Taking risks = secret to confidence.

The secret of confidence = taking risks = confidence of trusting yourself.

All about versatility (ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities).

You’ve done it this way for a long time. Now try something new.

Become dynamic in your behavious  (dynamic = of a process or system, characterized by constant change, activity or progress.

Have confidence you’re living from the inside out.

Keyword: Coherency = the quality of being logical and consistent… the quality of forming a unified whole.

The power is within you. Take radical action.

Allow yourself to FEEL emotions as they come. Don’t hide or deny what you’re feeling. Sit with yourself through these feelings. They will not stay forever.

Balance. Strive for it.

Positive and negative are both necessary (think batteries)

But it’s ONE Source… of energy.

Emotions is energy in motion. Whatever you hide is still a part of you. Expose yourself. Tell everything that’s bad about it yourself (flaws) so your enemy / opponent can’t use it against you.

People are more inspired by your struggles than your perfections.

Dark things in dictionaries are always negative. Light = pure / good.

That is programming and causes depression. (There are no races, border, money – this stuff is in your mind, and attacks it if you allow it).

Embrace your shadow side, the darkness.

In our darkest moments, we become illuminated.

In the dark times, you learned your greatest lesson ever. Love the darkness and the light. Be Balanced.

Stop doubting yourself and the universe when feeling the depression.

There will be dark, challenging and hard times. We need to learn not to run away from them.

Don’t run away from problems. Face them. Don’t be delusional.

Be honest to yourself and admit you’re going through a hard time right now. Accept things for what they actually are.

Forget 24/7 positive person. It just won’t happen like that.

You came here to be real, not perfect.

Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.

What you think of yourself is the only thing that matters, not other’s opinions of you.

Fear paralyzes action.

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear is separation.

Suppress your thoughts and you increase your misery.


Overthinking? Move into radical action.

Thinking? You’re not being PRESENT.

Lack of self love is the root of suffering.

True wisdom is the knowledge and information applied. A true wise being knows how much they don’t know.

The greatest relationship you can have is with yourself.




Later if I can remember to, I’ll type out all the messages I got from listening to the Tony Robbins motivational speech.

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